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Minimalism is suitable for companies of any thematic focus. This style direction is relevant both for an exhibition stand at a display of industrial equipment and construction equipment, and for companies specializing in the sale of natural, environmentally friendly products.

Features and Characteristics

In modern conditions, companies that make stands can create any design, no matter what its style, complexity or scale. Today, more and more often, companies in their marketing activities are turning to minimalism, which does not overload a person with information and is able to form a positive impression of both the organization and the goods or services.

This style is characterized by:

  • Free space where there is nothing superfluous, and only the existing structural elements of the building are used for zoning.
  • Several light sources, which allows you to make unobtrusive accents in the exposure.
  • Correct geometry, which can include both smooth lines and 90-degree bends.
  • Mostly pastel colors, and bright colors are used only for accents.

Minimalism in advertising is a rather complex concept. On the one hand, there should be nothing superfluous, and on the other, it needs to attract attention. Therefore, the design in this style needs to be worked out in detail.


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