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Exclusive exhibition stands are designed to exhibit universal goods and services at specialized events. It can be – exhibitions, fairs, presentations, conferences … Is a necessary object for the successful solution of marketing and communication tasks of the company.


Exhibition stands concentrate the corporate culture of the company, provide competitive ability in the market, create a favorable image. Therefore, the creation of expensive and high-quality stands guarantees an increase in business interest and the attraction of future dividends (sales growth, an increase in the customer base, the conclusion of contracts …).

These are original designs that are created on the basis of individual orders to emphasize business opportunities and image. The production of exclusive exhibition stands in Moscow should be entrusted to professional specialists using modern equipment and materials.

General features when creating a device and configuration:

  • original and unique design,
  • the design and decoration should attract attention,
  • application of advanced technologies and high-quality materials,
  • thematic idea – for advertising the image, product or services of the company…

An important role is given to color design – a memorable visual background contributes to recognition. The font, the location of the inscriptions, the backlight, the racks, etc. should look harmonious and correspond to the general direction.

A periodic change of design is necessary – the novelty effect always attracts potential customers.

For practical use, exhibition stands are divided into special zones.

  1. Information (product samples, booklets, brochures, videos).
  2. Presentation – direct contact with visitors.
  3. Negotiation room – for negotiations and discussion.
  4. Utility room (recreation area …).

After the design is developed, the construction of exhibition stands begins. The final project (after discussions and development of sketches) is made in 3D for detailed study. After the order is completed, construction takes place at the production site – the stand is delivered and installed in the exhibition center with the connection of the required equipment. In order for an exclusive project to be successful, the designer must have complete information about the company’s activities.

The customer is notified of all stages of construction, has the right to make adjustments by agreement.


Exclusive exhibition stands have a number of advantages over traditional designs. Specialists of various fields take part in their creation: designers, architects, designers, florists and decorators. The construction of stands involves the use of modern materials and technologies.

As a result:

  • implementation of any ideas to promote products and services,
  • high brand awareness,
  • increase of competitive ability,
  • universal themes at exhibitions of any area,
  • increasing the prestige, image and income of the company.

During the construction of such structures, the individual characteristics and specifics of the company’s work, the layout and area of the place at the exhibition, the goals of the customer are taken into account.

Exclusive exhibition stands are the “business card” of the company, which creates the first impression. Therefore, it is very important that it be exceptionally favorable.

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