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Stands decorated in ethnic style are especially popular today. Ethnic style in the exhibition sphere involves a reflection of traditional culture and customs of a particular country or nation. Ethnic style is distinguished by originality and independence and involves the use of the fundamentals and elements of philosophy or religion in the design.

Features and Characteristics

Ethnic style in the design of exhibition stands is an excellent opportunity to create an authentic environment and support traditional folk motifs.

Exhibition structures designed in this stylistic direction are characterized by:

  • Pattern in the form of geometric shapes, plants and birds, abstraction.
  • Bright decor with prints, embroideries and stripes.
  • Natural materials for drapery – silk, linen, wool.

Ethnic style is relevant when holding historical events, exhibitions dedicated to travel and tourism, geographical discoveries and traditions of other countries.

Depending on the focus of the event and the overall design of the room in which ethnic-style stands will be installed, you can choose the appropriate direction:

  • African.
  • Japanese.
  • Slavic.
  • Alpine.

Ethnic style is an important part of the cultural heritage, and exhibition stands made in the architecture of this style give the exhibition uniqueness and originality, and also allow a better understanding of the diversity of world cultures.


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