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Having gained a foothold and gained popularity in architecture, eco-style gradually penetrated into the marketing and exhibition sphere. This design direction has proven to be in demand when designing stands that are attractive and create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. The eco style is based on the naturalness and simplicity of forms, on a natural palette, on the use of natural materials and even living elements for the design of the exhibition area.

Features and Characteristics

  • stands are made primarily from natural materials;
  • designs have a natural palette that is comfortable for the eyes;
  • expositions create an attractive atmosphere and are associated with harmony and tranquility;
  • stands can be of any type in design and have a variety of technical equipment.

Suitable designs and materials

Features of eco-style are applicable to any design. But the most successful option is considered to be island stands with visibility from all sides and plenty of open space around. Such an exhibition space seems lively and hospitable.

Another important factor in marketing attractiveness is comfort. Visitors should feel pleasant and cozy. For this purpose, designers use rattan and textile furniture, soft pillows, relaxing music, and multimedia materials on a natural theme.

The design of eco-stands involves the use of natural, safe materials. Can be used: solid wood, branches, logs, natural stone, living trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, etc. Eco-style allows you to create the illusion of unity with nature and emphasize your commitment to environmental friendliness.


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