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The peninsula exhibition stand is a specific design consisting of two combined corner seats, the filling of which is open from three sides. The peninsula exhibition stand has an impressive size, which makes it noticeable to visitors of the exhibition.

The stand is suitable for the presentation of goods and services. Such platforms are often used by companies or organizations that need a lot of space to showcase products or services.

Advantages of the “peninsula”

If you are looking for a way to stand out at the exhibition and attract more attention, the Peninsula exhibition stand is the right option. It is installed in any part of the hall.


  • The area of the stand allows you to place more information, and also provides a comfortable and attractive area for visitors. The exhibits are easy to see even from a great distance.
  • It is noticeable, compared to other types of stands, because it is surrounded from all sides. This increases the chances that customers will visit the exhibition.
  • The opportunity to view the object of the exhibition from different angles, the overview is equally good from any angle.

The peninsula-shaped stand allows you to create various designs. It is also an opportunity to adapt it to the needs of the company or the theme of the exhibition. The platform looks presentable, which sets it apart from other organizations.

The possibility of creating several presentation zones, placing large exhibits (special equipment, cars, equipment, etc.).

The design of the peninsula stand is carried out in various styles and colors. It is made using various materials, with open corners, curved walls, etc. You can order the construction of an exhibition stand “turnkey” at an optimal cost at INSIGHT EXPO in Moscow.

Corner exhibition stand
Corner exhibition stand

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